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WFAN At Jets Camp: Mark Sanchez Interview

Mark Sanchez spoke with Boomer and Carton Thursday morning at New York Jets camp, and discussed the Jets' revamped -- possibly for the worse -- offense, Tim Tebow, and Sanchez' role as he enters his fourth year in the league.

Sanchez spoke on the slow-developing offense thus far this preseason -- he noted not everybody has been available to play, but didn't use it as an excuse:

"You'd like to get that timing and rhythm down with those guys, with our starters. But at the same time, if something like this were to happen in the regular season, you gotta play. There's no 'woe is me.'"

On his "frustrating" year last year:

"It wasn't a lack of preparation or a lack of confidence, it just didn't work... This is the ultimate team sport, and I don't think we were (a team)."

On the expectations at this point in his career

"People are expecting a lot, regardless of system change or anything like that... nobody's going to feel sorry for you. The expectation level here is so high, and part of that is because we set it so high my first two years. But that's alright. The pressure's on, and it feels good."

On the Jets, so far in training camp:

"It's hard to sell to a fan "hey, look we're improving"... but when you sit down and watch this film and see how guys have improved since the first day we got here in spring, it's light-years."

And since you really want it, what he had to say about the hype surrounding Tim Tebow:

"I knew it would be amplified even more here in New York. But I don't really worry about it. He's got a big following, and there's nothing wrong with that," said Sanchez.

"It's nice. I'm flying under the radar."

For the most part, Sanchez had a good sense of humor through an interview with a pair of guys he clearly knows well. Here's the full interview:

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