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Rex Ryan: Jets Not In Market For New Right Tackle

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One day after Jets right tackle Wayne Hunter was essentially put on notice by Rex Ryan, the Jets coach said it was the Jets the Jets were not in the market for a veteran right tackle.

"To say that we are in the market for a starting right tackle, I don’t believe that to be an accurate statement," Ryan said. "One thing we will always look at it is if there is a player out there that we feel will help our football team, then we will explore that possibility. With that being said, I am not saying that we are looking at a right tackle or we are looking at whatever, but honestly I am pretty happy with the roster we have. "

Hunter missed practice on Tuesday for personal reasons, but Ryan has said that Hunter will continue to play for the starting unit in the Jets preseason game on Sunday against the Panthers.

This is just one day after Ryan refused to give Hunter any vote of confidence. Hunter allowed two and a half sacks in Saturday night’s 26-3 loss to the Giants. When questioned about Hunter’s spot with the starters after the game Ryan said, "to sit back and say, 'This guy is going to be the starter,' I'm not ready to do that."

In addition to Hunter’s struggles, it’s worth noting that the Jets attempted to bring in OT Jeff Otah in the offseason, but that deal fell through due to a failed physical.

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