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Mark Cuban: Jason Kidd 'Hurt My Feelings'

Jason Kidd helped Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks win a NBA Championship in 2011, but Cuban doesn’t have any love for his former point guard. Cuban ripped into Kidd on Tuesday for how he handled free agency, saying that he wouldn't consider retiring Kidd's number.

Kidd signed a three-year deal with the Knicks in early July in a surprising move, after earlier reports that his re-signing with Dallas was a done deal. The apparent sudden change of heart did not sit well with Cuban:

"It hurt my feelings, period, because I felt that we had developed a relationship and I thought that he was committed to the organization. It sure seemed that he was," Cuban said.

Prior to signing with the Knicks Kidd had been very active in trying to lure PG Deron Williams to the Mavericks. Williams ended up re-signing with the Nets, but Cuban holds no ill-will towards D-Will, saying the Mavericks are in a better position without him. On the other hand, Kidd shouldn't expect a warm welcome when the Knicks travel to Dallas on November 21.

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