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Tony Sparano: 'This Is What Preseason Is All About'

New York Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano tried his best to ease the minds of the New York media Monday, as he downplayed his team's offensive woes heading into its third preseason game, Sunday, against the Carolina Panthers.

"At times during the course of the (game), if you really watch the film and you go through the tape you will see a lot of real positives," said Sparano in his post-practice meet with the press. "Offensively, it is a little bit different than defensively. You can run around with good energy on defense and you can cover up some of the mistakes. Offensively, if one guy makes a mistake, that will show."

After looking at the film of Saturday's 26-3 loss to the New York Giants, Sparano believes the Jets' offense, which has scored zero touchdowns during the preseason, was close to be really good.

"There were some really good things coming out of the film," said Sparano. "The quarterback was 9-for-11. If he didn’t throw the interception and maybe we don’t have a dropped ball there, we are talking about him being 10-for-10 or whatever the case is. It happened and it is something we can learn from right now. That is what preseason is all about."

When asked if he believed the offense need a confidence boost heading into this weekend's matchup, Sparano laughed.

"No, I mean this group isn’t really short on confidence," Sparano said with a smile. "They’re a pretty confidence bunch of guys."

"I would say this, obviously like anything else, you want touchdowns because you want to see the kids smile. You want to see the smile on their face. You want to see some validation on what it is that we’ve been doing and how hard they’ve been working. I think that’s the most important thing is that these guys work really hard. You want to see us punch the ball in the end zone."

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