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Bart Scott Criticizes Steve Weatherford For Posting Video

How do we know that New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford messed up when he posted the now infamous video of Prince Amukamara being dunked in cold tub by Jason Pierre-Paul online? Well, we already know he has had to apologize and has been rebuked by Giants head coach Tom Coughlin.


What is worse than that? How about being criticized by a member of the publicity-seeking, forever talking too much New York Jets, for airing your team's private business. That is the position Weatherford is in now that Jets linebacker Bart Scott went on ESPN Radio New York and took him to task.


"Steve [Weatherford] is my boy. There’s no reason that that should ever be aired. That’s in the room, locker room stuff. Stuff that goes on within sports. Certain things other people can’t understand. You can’t try to explain it because you just sound stupid trying to explain it. What I am saying is that’s football stuff. It happens all over," Scott said.


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