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Syracuse Football Preseason Camp: Sean Hickey Stepping Up In Place Of Justin Pugh

The Syracuse Orange football program has been missing its best player since the start of preseason camp, as left tackle Justin Pugh has been out with a shoulder injury. Despite the loss of a Big East Conference First-Team selection, the Orange have gotten a lot of production out of junior Sean Hickey, who has taken over at LT.

"Sean Hickey’s really done a very good job," Syracuse head coach Doug Marrone told Monday. "He’s been solid and I think that’s a credit to him because going into it, I was very concerned. I knew that Sean had the ability, big and strong, and we talked about it prior to as far as linemen coming in. Out of all the linemen we’ve ever brought in here, he’s probably had the best ability to get on the field fast because of his strength."

The Orange are looking for Hickey to fill the void of Pugh, who's expected to miss the rest of preseason camp and possible the first month of the season. As of right now, SU coaches aren't considered about the switch. What they are concerned about is the injury-prone Hickey staying healthy, something he hasn't done throughout his collegiate career.

"Going through those injuries, and really not being on the field, for him to come in and do the job he’s done, I think that’s very commendable on that part."

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