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Stephon Heyer Released By New York Jets: Wayne Hunter Somehow Keeps His Job

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After a pitiful performance by their offensive line on Saturday against the New York Giants, and with an offense that has scored only nine measly points in two preseason game, the New York Jets today made reserve offensive tackle Stephon Heyer the fall guy for their offensive woes. The Jets today released Heyer, who played 12 games for the Oakland Raiders in 2011.

Sadly, Jets fans, that means starting right tackle Wayne Hunter -- the real root of all that is wrong with the Jets offense -- is still a member of the team.

Good friend and former SB Nation New York Jets writer Joe Caporoso is so upset by watching the 'Human Turnstile' try to play right tackle for the Jets that he has penned an open letter to Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum. It reads in part:

There can only be two explanations for your refusal to dump the human turnstile that is Wayne Hunter: 1- Mark Sanchez did something to you personally and this was your plan to get revenge, by having defensive ends blow past Hunter and get Sanchez killed right there on the field; or 2- you’ve become incompetent. While option 1 is certainly possible, I’m leaning towards option #2.

The good news today for Jets fans via Twitter is that head coach Rex Ryan apparently has eyes, and did not like what he saw from Hunter against the Jets plethora of pass rushers. He apparently is not committing to Hunter keeping his starting job. Reportedly, Austin Howard and Vlad Ducasse received some first-team reps at right tackle during today's Jets practice.

In reality, neither of those options is probably all that appealing. The Jets tried to replace Hunter with Jeff Otah, but the broken down formerly good right tackle could not pass his physical and was shipped back to the Carolina Panthers.

The Jets do, however, have a roster spot now. Maybe they can pick up someone off the scrap heap who is better than Hunter. One name? Former Jets and Giants right tackle Kareem McKenzie. He is 33 and wasn't very good last season as the Giants' starting right tackle. He has to be better than Hunter, though. Doesn't he?