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Jets Vs. Giants: Tim Tebow Reacts To Preseason Loss And Jets' Touchdown Woes

The reigning Super Bowl Champion New York Giants made easy work of their crosstown rivals last night, defeating the Jets 26-3 at MetLife Stadium. The Jets' ongoing quarterback battle between Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez seems even more muddled as a result of this loss, as neither have been able to generate any sort of successful offensive output. Over the past two games, the Jets have only scored nine points, making them the only NFL franchise without a preseason touchdown at this point.

Quarterback Tim Tebow felt that the team "really got into a rhythm," but was upset that they were not able to capitalize on their efforts with a touchdown.

His reaction to the Jets' continued failure to reach the end zone in this preseason was simple and optimistic. "I think we just want to continue to get better every single day. I feel like we are doing that. We just have to put together some of the little things that are going to get us in the end zone."

Tebow went on to explain that he was not frustrated with his offense or teammates, despite media reports to the contrary, saying "we haven’t even played a real game. When the regular season gets here then that’s when it’s for real. We’ve got to continue to show improvement and get better every day. There’s no reason to get frustrated, we just have to go and get better."

"I think in some areas we’re doing pretty good. In other areas, we’ve got to get better. It’s the little things."

When asked about the team's current state versus where he feels the team should be, Tebow was confident in saying that the Jets offense is "doing some things really well," adding "we’ve just got to do the little things right to be on the same page where you’ll see those touchdowns start to come."

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