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Bart Scott: Mark Sanchez Is The Leader Of The Jets Offense

Do you have confidence in Mark Sanchez, or not? That's been the question New York Jets fans, players and front office personnel have been asked multiple times during the team's offseason.

On Wednesday, one of the Jets defensive leaders, Bart Scott, was asked the same question and his answer was pretty clear.

"I think everybody has seen a difference in how he walks, how he handles it if he throws a bad ball, how he carries himself," said Scott. "Mark’s always been a guy that you can see his emotions and how he’s feeling about himself by his facial expressions.

"I think now he carries himself upright and he sticks that chest out like a peacock and I think that really shows confidence to him," said Scott, "but it also helps and inspires his players because they respond (to him) because he’s their leader, and they’re are going to go as he goes."

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