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Tim Tebow: No Plan For Expanded Role With Jets

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan says he is "open to anything" when it comes to the possibility of expanding the role backup quarterback Tim Tebow plays within the offense. The team's offensive coordinator, Tony Sparano, said Sunday he has no plans to do that.

Sparano was asked specifically about using Tebow more if the Jets pass protection struggles, specifically because of his ability to run with the ball. He said that is not in his plan.

"Mark Sanchez scrambled for a first down the other day too which I was impressed with. Mark is a good athlete and he is our quarterback," Sparano said. "I thought he has been playing really well right now for us and I don't see that kind of scenario at all out there."

The Wildcat, though, is a big part of Sparano's plan for Tebow. "Obviously it's going to be out there that we're going to do something like that," he said.