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New York Knicks Rumors: Team 'Committed' To Adding Raymond Felton?

Steve Nash has gone to the Los Angeles Lakers, leaving the New York Knicks at the altar. Jeremy Lin is still likely to return, but there is that small matter of that offer sheet from the Houston Rockets to deal with. The Knicks need some help at the point guard spot, and one player reportedly willing to fill the void is former Knicks point guard Raymond Felton.

Felton, a free agent, was part of the 2011 trade with the Denver Nuggets that brought Carmelo Anthony to New York.

"He loved playing in New York. Our choice was to never have left New York. There were no hard feelings. Management handled it the best they could. I don't think they ever misled us and I never felt they wanted him in that trade.," said Felton's agent, Tony Dutt.

The New York Daily News reported Thursday morning that the Knicks, in fact, are "committed to adding Felton," who could be used as either a starter or as a backup to Lin.

Felton played the best basketball of his eight-year career while with the Knicks, averaging career best in points per game (17.1), assists per game (9.0) and steals (1.8) n 54 games before being deal to the Nuggets.

Signing Felton seems to make sense for the Knicks, especially with few other real point guard options available on the free-agent market. Felton might also help Amare Stoudemire, whose points per game average fell from 25.3 in 2010-11 while teamed with Felton for much of the year to 17.5 last season.

Now all that remains to be seen is whether or not the Knicks can get this done.