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Thierry Henry Talks About Arsenal Return, British Media Explodes

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During a press conference Tuesday to promote the MLS All-Star Match (Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2 vs. Chelsea), New York Red Bulls star striker Thierry Henry apparently casually mentioned that one day he will return to Arsenal, where he became a Premier League legend with 226 goals in 369 matches.

The British Media practically fell all over itself with excitement, reporting the news as though Henry was leaving the Red Bulls and heading back to Arsenal immediately. Which he is not. The Mail screamed 'I want to go back to Arsenal! Legend Henry eyes third spell with Gunners.' The London Telegraph purred that the French striker was 'poised for talks' about a return to Arsenal.

All Henry did was say that once he is done playing he would like to return to Arsenal in some capacity.

'I would like to go back to England with Arsenal for sure,' Henry is quoted as saying on
"Coaching does interest me but I don’t know what my talent is going to be after I have finished my career. But I will go back to Arsenal."

Henry has never hidden his love for Arsenal. He even made a return this past offseason, playing a limited role in a few games when the team's front-line was short-handed. He is not, however, jumping ship on the Red Bulls to head back to the Premier League club.