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Jeremy Lin News: Former Knicks Guard Admits 'Linsanity' Went To His Head

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If there's one thing the city of New York and its sports fans can do, its turn a unknown into a star. And sometimes the player can get caught in the middle of the a-flash-in-the-pan scenario, can let all the fame get to their head. That's what Jeremy Lin admitted happened to him during the whole "Linsanity" phase of his life.

"If I'm being honest, in some ways, yes," Lin told this newspaper. "I fought it every day. But I think subconsciously it had its effect, everyone catering to you. People were saying only good things for so long that when people said negative stuff, it was like, 'Whoa, what's going on?' "

In the interview with the Mercury News, Lin says he was hurt by some of the things said about him after he left New York, which failed to match the Houston Rockets offer of three-years, $21.5 million. However, Lin admits he's happy now and is excited about his new opportunity with the Rockets.

"It's not about who's right or who's wrong. I'm going to respond with love," Lin said. "That's why I'm in this position, to show love and become a better person. I'm trying to focus on the right things. I'm thankful for everything that's happened. The Lord has blessed me so much."

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