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Linsanity? Nah, But Insanity Hits New York Sports Scene

See I told you the other day we don't need no stinkin' Linsanity to have things to talk about here in the world of New York sports. Just look at what happened Monday in the city that never sleeps -- and never seems to have a dull moment, either.

MLB Trade Rumors 2012: New York Yankees Acquire Ichiro From Seattle Mariners

Ichiro is now a member of the New York Yankees. So much for the Yankees being quiet at the trade deadline. They needed an outfielder and made about the biggest splash they could -- acquiring the future Hall of Famer and a guy with rock star type status.

When the deal went down I'm sure that Amy K. Nelson of SB Nation YouTube wasn't the only one to have the following reaction:

Ichiro Suzuki Traded to New York Yankees -- The Internet Reacts (via sbnation)

Ichiro isn't the player he used to be, but this was typical Yankees. If you're making a move, go big.

Rick Nash Trade: Rangers Get Their Man -- At Their Price

The New York Rangers have been after high-scoring forward Rick Nash since last season's NHL trade deadline. The Columbus Blue Jackets had stubbornly held on to Nash, seemingly asking for the moon. In the end, SB Nation New York's Jimmy Hascup says the Rangers got the scorer they had to have at the price they wanted to pay.

Hascup wrote:

Nash wanted out of Columbus, that was clear. Howson, though, thought that waiting would give him the best change to net the best package. Some team -- like the free-spending team from Manhattan -- would have to budge on his demands, the GM believed. But that never happened. In fact, Sather paid his price. Howson sought high-impact young players, and he originally pointed to Chris Kreider, Micahel Del Zotto, Carl Hagelin or Derek Stepan as must-haves. Those players were non-starters for the Rangers. Yet they still had enough young pieces -- those without the ceiling of potential stars, but valuable nonetheless -- to intrigue Howson.

New York Jets Training Camp Preview: Tackle Jeff Otah Acquired By Jets

The Wayne Hunter era at right tackle for the New York Jets could be over -- if newly-acquired Jeff Otah can actually drag his battered and often-broken body to the field and actually stay there. Otah has played only four games the past two seasons, but the Jets will hope he can stay healthy and give them an upgrade on the right side of the offensive line.

New York Red Bulls News: Tim Cahill Acquired From Everton

The New York Red Bulls are not admitting it yet, but it looks like Australian star Tim Cahill will be the Red Bulls' third Designated Player. Everton FC has announced that Cahill will be transferred to New York.

Valentine's View: See, just another ho-hum day on the New York sports scene. Who was Jeremy Lin again?