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New York Giants' Victor Cruz: Coach Made Me Salsa

New York Giants' fans can thank former quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan, now the offensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for Victor Cruz doing his salsa dance after he scores a touchdown. That is what Cruz told Mike Francesa of WFAN this week while promoting his book, 'Out Of The Blue.'

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"Coach Sullivan, who was our quarterback's coach at the time, when I was getting my first start against Philadelphia he was like man you gotta do something to represent your culture and your ethnicity and all Puerto Ricans and Latin people all over. He's like you gotta dance in the end zone. At first I was like coach I don't know if I am going to dance in the end zon," Cruz said.

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"Yeah. We always had conversations like that and he was like man you gotta do it. I told him yeah to get him out of my face and we could continue practice and then right before the game he looked at me at that point and was like you gotta do it. I was like alright coach. Low and behold early in the game I catch a pass and I am going down the sideline and I am about at the 5-yard line and in my head I am like man I gotta do this dance now. I put the ball down and I just started dancing. I got really into it once I started doing it and it kind of took a life of its own after that."

One of Giants' fans favorite touchdown catches -- and salsa dances -- after the jump.

HD NY Giants Victor Cruz 99 Yard TD Catch vs Jets (12-24-11) (via HQVids999)