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'Linsanity' Is Gone: Wacky New York Sports World Will Live On

Jeremy Lin is gone, but Tim Tebow is New York. That meas there will always be something to write about. Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE
Jeremy Lin is gone, but Tim Tebow is New York. That meas there will always be something to write about. Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Linsanity is but a memory now. Jeremy Lin has taken his talents from Broadway to the land of 10-gallon hats, leaving the New York Knicks for $25.1 million in greenbacks over the next three years.

What are poor, shocked New York sportswriters and sportscasters -- including those of us here at SB Nation New York -- to do now? No more 'Linsanity' to discuss. No more debates over how good Lin is, or isn't. No more debates over whether or not he can thrive in an offense where Carmelo Anthony hogs dominates the ball. No more magical Lin moments to write about, or Lin jersey sales posts to marvel at.

Never fear, though, is New York and there is ALWAYS something to write about.

Where to start? Well, first and foremost the walking Internet page view known as Tim Tebow is a member of the New York Jets. There is something new and exciting -- well, maybe not exciting but at least noteworthy -- to write about the Jets' backup quarterback nearly every day.

For that matter, there are the New York Jets. Tebow isn't the only storyline, although the Tebow vs. Mark Sanchez storyline already has and will continue to dominate talk about the Jets. On top of that, between coach Rex Ryan, mercurial wide receiver Santonio Holmes, talkative linebacker Bart Scott and seemingly forever money-grubbing cornerback Darrelle Revis some member of Gang Green always seems to be opening mouth and inserting foot.

There are the Knicks themselves and the 2012-13 storyline of what they will do WITHOUT LIN. I mean, we could spend the entire season obsessing over point guard play and comparing Lin's stats to Raymon Felton's. Which, come to think of it, is a pretty good idea.

When it comes to the Brooklyn Nets we don't have the Dwight Howard saga to write about several times a day, but the Nets are an exciting team moving to a new city and a new building. It will be fun to follow and write about them as we find out just how good they will be. Besides, at the rate the Orlando Magic are moving Howard will still be in Orlando next February and we can start talking about that again.

What about baseball? The Yankees are tearing it up right now with the best record in baseball and looking like a serious threat to make a run at a 28th World Series title. Surely, somebody wants to read about that. If not, I'm sure we can find a reason to blast Alex Rodriguez. That's always good for some page views.

The Mets are a good story, even though they are reeling a bit at the moment. Still, no one expected them to be this good.

The MLB trade deadline is a couple of weeks away. We can throw a few big names in a pot, add some amazingly insightful analysis and stir up debate over how all sorts of big-name players could be moving to New York's teams within the next couple of weeks. We know you love to read that stuff, even if it isn't as much fun as 'Linsanity.'

We haven't even talked about the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants. When it comes to controversy or off-the-field stories there is pretty much nothing to be seen there. The Giants are a vanilla as it gets, and they like it that way. Still, it's Eli Manning and a title defense. That should give us something to write about.

So, never fear. Sportswriters around New York will have plenty to write about, and sports fans will have plenty to read argue about. This is, after all, New York and things are never dull.