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MLB Power Rankings: Yankees No. 1 In YES Rankings

The New York Yankees (55-34) are No. 1 in the MLB Power Rankings for this week from YES Network. The New York Mets grabbed the 15th and final spot in the weekly poll from YES.

YES uses a combination of experts' rankings (75 percent) and fan rankings (25 percent) to come up with its overall rankings. Here is the current YES Top 5. Rankings are tabulated real-time.

  1. Yankees -- 120 points
  2. Texas Rangers -- 116 points
  3. Washington Nationals -- 110 points
  4. Cincinnati Reds -- 100 points
  5. Atlanta Braves -- 98 points

If you would like to participate in the weekly poll you can do so at the YES Network Power Rankings page.

The Yankees lead the American League East by nine games and get a boost on Tuesday when ace left-hander CC Sabathia returns from the disabled list to pitch against the Toronto Blue Jays. This was Sabathia's first trip to the disabled list since 2006, and he termed it "embarrassing."

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