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2012 Forbes Most Valuable Franchise List: Yankees Earn No. 3 Spot, Giants No. 9

Forbes Magazine released its list of most valuable sports franchises for 2012 on Monday, and the New York Yankees earned the No. 3 spot a tie on the list as they were valued at $1.85 billion. The Yankees were edged by English Premier Soccer League team Manchester United ($2.23 billion) and La Liga's Real Madrid ($1.88 billion), respectively.

Overall, the Yankees finished in tie with the NFL's Dallas Cowboys ($1.85 million). The defending Super Bowl champions New York Giants ($1.3 billion) came in at No. 9, while the New York Jets ($1.23 million) found themselves at No. 12. The New York Knicks ($780) check in at No. 43 on the list, while the New York Mets ($719 million) are just six spot lover at No. 49.


Not surprisingly, there are no NHL franchises in the top 50 and eight of the top 10 teams are either soccer or NFL franchises. The highest rated NBA franchise is the Los Angeles Lakers ($900 million) at No. 35.