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Chris Weidman TKOs Mark Munoz, Wants Anderson Silva Next

Chris Weidman was looking for a statement win. He got it by destroying Mark Munoz with a perfectly-placed elbow followed by a series of unanswered blows before referee Josh Rosenthal finally halted the contest at 1:37 into the second round. The Baldwin, N.Y., resident, Hofstra University Division I All-American wrestler and prized Matt Serra-Ray Longo student moved to 9-0 (5-0 in the UFC).

This really wasn't a contest. Weidman smothered the NCAA wrestling champion out of Oklahoma State throughout the first round, earning a 10-8 score from some observers. Speaking inside the Octagon with UFC play-by-play may Jon Anik, Weidman made it clear exactly who and what he wants next.

"I want Anderson Silva," Weidman said. "Every time I've had a full training camp, I've had a finish."

Weidman was so good, the UFC may want to strike while the iron his hot, especially with Silva still at his peak at age 37. Like Chael Sonnen, Weidman's superior wrestling and grind-it-out style could cause the Spider fits, especially if Silva is a split-second slower by the time the two meet -- if they do.

"He’s in your face," Longo told me for Tapout magazine in February. "He’s a problem. And he has a great chin. I don’t know how (Silva) wins the fight."

If not a title shot, Weidman deserves a No. 1 contender's match against Alan Belcher. Let Hector Lombard prove his UFC worth for more than one fight, and Michael Bisping and Brian Stann battle one another to get back into the title picture. But if I'm matchmaker, I recognize that another golden child has fallen into your lap. Furthermore, and this isn't being biased, Weidman is a media cash cow. He's born and raised in the shadow of New York City and his dream is to compete in Madison Square Garden. What the UFC needs is more crusaders to get this sport sanctioned in the Empire State. Silva-Weidman and the publicity that it would generate is the ticket.


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