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Can The 'Stache Save The New Jersey Devils?

The New Jersey Devils are down 3-0 to the Los Angeles Kings in the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup finals. Nothing else has worked, so with the team facing elimination Wednesday in Game 4 Adam Henrique of the Devils is busting out the porn 'stache.

Henrique has shaved his goatee and stubble, opting instead for just the mustache and a clean shaven look. Will it make any difference for the Devils? See before and after pictures after the jump.




Henrique before the shave (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

I can't say whether the Henrique 'stache has any magical healing powers that will help the Devils. Maybe we will see in Game 4 Wednesday night.

Which look do you like, gang? I'm opting for the goatee myself. The mustache alone is, seriously, way too much of a 1970s porn star look for me. Besides, I used to have one of those myself and I really don't need the reminder.