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2012 NBA Draft Grades: CBS Sports Gives Fab Melo And Dion Waiters High Grades

In his instant grades analysis post on, Royce Young gave out mostly high grades for the regional area prospects.

First up is Syracuse G Dion Waiters, who went to the Cleveland Cavaliers with the fourth overall selection. While he is a risk at that spot, he'll be a good fit for the Cavs:

Analysis: The Cavs seemed to be determined to get Beal and worked on a deal to move up to get him right until the end. In failing, they decided to reach a bit and take the second best thing behind Beal. With Harrison Barnes on the board, it's a risk.


St. John's wing Maurice Harkless went to the Philadelphia 76ers with the 15th pick, and although he does have great potential, the 76ers already someone with his exact skill set in Andre Iguodala:

Analysis: The Sixers just added another player that can't shoot and needs to get to the rim to score. He can defend, but isn't this just Andre Iguodala lite? You have to assume he's a future replacement for Iguodala who the 76ers have been trying to trade for forever. If so, not a bad pick. If not, curious.


St. Bonaventure forward Andrew Nicholson was selected next by the Orlando Magic at No. 19. While he has the potential to be a steal this late in the draft, the Magic have someone similar on the roster and had more glaring needs coming into the draft:

Analysis: Nicholson could be a serious sleeper in this draft, but in terms of fit, it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense for the Magic. Is he really all that different from Ryan Anderson, who the Magic intend to re-sign? Couldn't the Magic have used a swingman or a point guard much more? With Tony Wroten and Marquis Teague on the board, the Magic had a chance to help themselves a lot more than they did. This isn't an indictment on Nicholson -- he could be great -- but more about what Orlando needed.


C Fab Melo from Syracuse went three picks later to the Boston Celtics at No. 22 and Young thinks Melo was exactly the type of player Boston needed and should contribute right away defensively.

Analysis:The Celtics had their eye on size in this draft, and they've landed a pretty good amount with their back-to-back picks. I'm sure they would've preferred the versatility of Royce White, but Boston needed desperately to restock on big men. Melo needs a bunch of work to contribute offensively, but he's a big body that can screen, defend and rebound. Maybe their new Kendrick Perkins?