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2012 Tour de France: Previewing The 99th Edition

The 99th Tour de France will get going Saturday morning with Cadel Evans and Bradley Wiggins as two of the favorites to take the race.

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On Saturday, June 30, the 99th running of the Tour de France will get underway with plenty of fanfare. The race will start just outside of France, in the Belgian town of Liege.

The race is 2,173 miles long and will 22 days to finish. The final day as always will conclude with a stroll into the Champs-Elysees.

Cadel Evans won the Tour de France last year and is one of the main competitors once again. However it won't be easy with such a tough and talented field nipping at his heels.

Bradley Wiggins, a young British rider, is the big name that many experts feel is ready to rise to the occasion. Wiggins is known to be an excellent sprinter, something that this particular course puts him at an advantage with.

George Hincapie carries the flag for New York as a native of Queens. Hincapie is one of the most celebated American cyclists after being a major part of Lance Armstrong's seven victories in the Tour de France as his teammate. Now, Hincapie rides on the BMC racing team.

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