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MLB Power Rankings: New York Yankees No. 2 In Aggregated Rankings

The New York Yankees are No. in this week's aggregated MLB Power Rankings from Real Clear Sports. RCS takes the rankings from seven popular Internet sports sites and averages them to come up with its overall rankings.

The Yankees were No. 1 a week ago, but ceded that spot to the Texas Rangers this week. The Yankees were ranked No. 1 by three of the sites used by RCS, while the Rangers were No. 1 according to four sites. has the Yankees down at No. 4, while none of the sites has the Rangers lower than No. 2.

Going into action on Tuesday night the Yankees have the best record in baseball at 44-28.

The New York Mets, meanwhile, are No. 11 in the aggregated rankings. FOX Sports has the Mets at No. 9, while both Grantland and Sports Illustrated have the Mets at No. 14.

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