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New York Sports Shorts: Tim Tebow, Lolo Jones And Shirt-Gate With Brandon Barklage, Rafael Soriano

Here are a few New York sports related odds 'n ends for you this afternoon that just don't seem to fit anywhere else. We have Olympian Lolo Jones still making long-distance googly eyes at Tim Tebow, and lots of stuff about shirts -- particularly those of Rafael Soriano of the New York Yankees and Brandon Barklage of the New York Red Bulls.

Lolo Jones jokes about going on church date with Tim Tebow -
After stating on "The Tonight Show" on Monday that she wasn't interested in trying to date while gearing up for the 100-meter hurdles, Jones joked she might check in with Tebow."I'm pretty sure I'm just going to invite Tebow to church," Jones said. "It's a 100 percent way not to get rejected."

Valentine's View: Don't really know what to make of Lolo and her fascination with Tebow, but it sure is fun for us to write and speculate about. They really would make a cute couple!

Looks like NYRB’s Brandon Barklage reached his "shirt limit" | ProSoccerTalk
Turns out, there was a pretty good reason for the New York Red Bulls defender to show up half-naked to the NBC Sports Network interview:

Valentine's View: Barklage apparently gave his jersey to a fan without realizing he had to do a TV interview. You know, I enjoy soccer but there are a lot of things about the sport that I don't get. One of them is this fascination with guys taking their shirts off right after a match and swapping with opposing players, or just plain giving the jerseys away to fans. My son plays soccer, but it's a weird, weird sport.

Apparently some people take issue with Rafael Soriano untucking his shirt after a save | HardballTalk
Last night, mere seconds after locking down the save in the Yankees-Mets game, Rafael Soriano untucked his shirt. It's the first time I've noticed him doing it, but apparently he does it all the time. OK, whatever. But apparently enough people take issue with this that someone felt the need to ask Joe Girardi about it.

Valentine's View: Soriano is, of course, only closing for the Yankees because Mariano Rivera is out for the year. Personally, I'm not a big fan of Soriano's yank the shirt out routine after games. It seems disrespectful somehow -- to the uniform, to the opposition, I'm not really sure to what exactly. It just doesn't feel right. C'mon, though, people. Don't you have better things to worry about than whether a baseball player leaves his shirt tucked in after a game is over?