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Tom Coughlin Named NFL's No. 1 Good Guy; Tim Tebow Joins New York Giants Coach On List

New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin is the NFL's most likable character, Mike Freeman of CBS Sports wrote on Monday.

Freeman ranked the top 10 good guys and the top 10 jerks in the NFL, and Coughlin led the list of good guys. New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow finished fifth on that list, while Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie was ranked seventh among Freeman's jerks.

Freeman seems impressed by Coughlin's charity work, but that's not the only reason the two-time Super Bowl-winning coach topped the good guys list.

"This isn't just about his charity work. Jerks do charity work. This is about Coughlin's perseverance. Over the past few years, the only person who didn't fire Coughlin was Donald Trump. A handful of New York media were vitriolic and unfair, and Coughlin mostly kept his cool and should be a Hall of Famer."

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