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Knicks Offseason 2012: New York Looking At Shooting Guards

Give the New York Knicks credit for one thing. They are willing to spend every last available dime.

A report from says the Knicks are looking to add a shooting guard, preferably Ray Allen, O.J. Mayo or Jason Terry when they hit the market July 1.

New York has an obvious weak spot at that position with Landry Fields being much more of a backup than a true starter, but the quandary lies deeper. Steve Novak may come off the bench, but he plays ample minutes and provides instant offense more often than not.

Additionally, the Knicks simply can't afford to pay any free agent more than $3 million if they want to avoid the hard cap (which they desperately do). There is no way that any of the three aforementioned players are coming to town for that amount. Terry might be the best bet at his advanced age, but even that seems farfetched.

The other chief concern is who would play defense? None of those players are exactly considered "lock-down defenders" and would just provide another swinging gate to the paint. The Knicks are already chock full of players who can shoot but play little defense.

Maybe it would be more prudent to let Iman Shumpert start once he recovers from his torn ACL. New York would save some money and keep the promising youngster from getting buried on the depth chart.

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