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UFC On FX4: Guida, Maynard Offer Differing Viewpoints

Gray Maynard and Clay Guida clearly had different agendas Friday night in the headline bout on the UFC on FX4 card. Maynard won the bout with a straight-ahead attack, while Guida tried to hit and run -- mostly run. Our good friends at MMA Fighting have a look back at the very strange main event.

Guida's view:

"I think mixed martial arts is, the guy who gets hit the least, usually is the victor. I can't wait to see the Fightmetrics or whatever it is and see the strikes that I landed against the strikes that were thrown."

Maynard's view:

"He'd hit, and, it's not even moving, it's moving to the other end of the cage," Maynard said of Guida's strategy in the post-fight press conference. "A couple steps, I understand that. You're still in the pocket. You're still there, able to hit me. But you've got to understand, it's a fight still. You can't just go to the end of the cage and then back to the other end and back to the other end the whole time. You've got to give me a chance too."

UFC president Dana White didn't like it, saying "that's not a fight." The Twitterverse didn't appreciate it, either.

What did you think?