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LeBron James, Miami Heat Win NBA Title: New York Knicks Left With Shattered Dreams

How are you feeling this morning, New York Knicks fans? Lebron James and the Miami Heat completed their mission Thursday night, winning the 2012 NBA title.

Are you left feeling like it coulda/woulda/shoulda been the Knicks? If only LeBron had complied with the master play two offseasons ago. The Knicks, I am sure you recall all too well, spent years clearing salary cap space to make a free-agent run at King James, hoping he would come to Madison Square Garden and restore the franchise to NBA glory.

Instead, he spurned the Knicks advances and took his talents to South Beach along with Chris Bosh. They, of course, joined forces with Dwayne Wade and promised multiple NBA titles. It took two years to get one, but you get the feeling it won't be the last.

The Knicks did sign Amare Stoudemire and went out and traded for Carmelo Anthony, a duo that has gotten the Knicks to the playoffs. What they haven't done is cured the dysfunction that has seemed to permeate the franchise for much of the last decade.

Mike Lupica of the Daily News wrote this morning that no matter what the Knicks do LeBron and the Heat will be to this group what Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were to the Patrick Ewing-led Knicks teams. Kryptonite.

Here is part of what Lupica wrote:

You watched LeBron James play like this Thursday night as he and the Miami Heat closed out the Thunder, you watched James and Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh become everything the rest of the sport feared they would become, and you were left with only one thought:

The Knicks aren't going to beat the Heat the way the Knicks of the 1990s couldn't beat Michael Jordan.

Lupica, almost certainly, is correct. Get used to it, Knicks fans. Your team is, once again, the bridesmaid.

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