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Plaxico Burress Wouldn't Praise Mark Sanchez During ESPN Interview

Free agent wide receiver Plaxico Burress believes he will play somewhere in the NFL during the 2012 season. Just don't expect a return to the New York Jets.

During an interview with ESPN's First Take, Burress repeatedly declined to direct praise upon Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez -- not a good idea if Burress harbors any hopes of a return to the Jets.

Per the New York Post:

Burress appeared on "First Take" and was asked if he believes Sanchez is the quarterback to lead the Jets to a Super Bowl.

"They just paid him so I think they believe he is," Burress said, referring to Sanchez's contract extension in March.

He was then pressed whether he believes Sanchez is good enough to get the Jets to the Super Bowl.

"I think the defense will," Burress said, taking a shot at Sanchez in the process. "I think they definitely have a Super Bowl defense."

Burress caught 45 passes for 612 yards and eight touchdowns with the Jets in 2011, his lone season with the team. He has expressed interest in joining the Carolina Panthers in free agency, but the team has reportedly denied any reciprocation of the interest.

Burress, 34, said he is in great shape and will be better next season after being one year removed from jail. But teams have not been knocking on his door.