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MLB Power Rankings: New York Yankees Only No. 5 In SI Rankings

The New York Yankees have won 10 straight games, their longest winning streak since 2005. The Yankees have the best record in the American League and second-best in baseball at 41-25. In seems, though, that the folks at Sports Illustrated are still not very impressed with the work being done by the Bronx Bombers.

In SI's most recent MLB Power Rankings, the Yankees check in at No. 5. That is exactly where they were a week ago, and only one spot up from two weeks ago. What gives with that?

Here is what SI said:

"The Yankees are the hottest team in baseball, winning nine straight to improve to 40-25 overall, the best record in baseball. Phil Hughes and Ivan Nova have been huge reasons for the team's recent surge, with Hughes netting a 1.69 ERA over three starts in 21 1/3 June Innings, and Nova recording a 0.79 ERA over 22 2/3 innings. The Yankees offense is again among the game's best, so if they get this type of production from their middle-of-the-rotation starters they will continue to shoot up the rankings and could pull away in the AL East."

Umm ... "continue to shoot up the rankings"? A Yankees fan would have to 'when will they start shooting up those rankings'?

As for the New York Mets, they are No. 17 in the SI rankings. That is actually up two spots, despite the Mets being just 4-6 in their last 10 games.

Gotta love power rankings. Does any of that make any sense?

Here, for the record, is SI's top 5.

  1. Texas Rangers
  2. Washington Nationals
  3. St. Louis Cardinals
  4. Los Angeles Dodgers
  5. Yankees

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