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2012 College World Series: Stony Brook Reaction To CWS Ouster

The Stony Brook Seawolves have been eliminated from the 2012 College World Series. Sunday's 12-2 loss to Florida State ended their amazing run to their first-ever College World Series. As the first America East Conference school, only the second No. 4 seed and the first New York school to reach the College World Series since St. John's in 1980 the Seawolves still managed to accomplish what few thought possible.

"I know that it was like nothing else that's ever happened, I think, for a college team, certainly one from Long Island," said Stony Brook coach Matt Senk. "I sure hope what these young men have done, the tremendous accomplishments ‑‑ I think they've already done so much for the university in so many different ways, so much for Long Island, and I think that it will be a great homecoming for this team and well deserved."

Complete Transcript Of Stony Brook College World Series Reaction

Stony Brook third baseman Willie Carmona tried to keep the loss in perspective.

"It's a hard loss, but I look back on the season, and I think we did what no one thought we could ever do, what everyone thought was basically impossible," Carmona said. "And we made it happen somehow. And I'll never forget that."

The Seawolves were outscored 21-3 in their two World Series defeats after having stunned top-seeded LSU in the Super Regional Round.

"That's the way baseball goes sometimes," said Carmona. "You play your best against the competition. You come in, face the same type active competition, and just doesn't work out. I mean, that's baseball."

So, the best season the Stony Brook baseball team has ever had is now over. Unfortunate ending or not, it is one the history books will remember fondly.