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'There's No Shame Being Second To Clyde'

I absolutely cannot begin to describe the awesomeness of the video after the jump, especially if you are a New York Knicks fan. Amy Nelson of SB Nation YouTube gets Walt Frazier to trash talk NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager over who wears the better suits. Gotta love that.

Clyde Frazier Vs. Craig Sager: Who's the NBA's best dressed? - Full Nelson Teaser (via sbnation)

Clyde says he is definitely No. 1 when it comes to style. "He doesn't wear reptiles like I do. Stingray boots, alligator boots. He doesn't have the jive chain," Clyde says.

Clyde has worn some odd outfits over the years. I doubt, though, anyone has done this to him.

Kevin Garnett tells Craig Sager to Burn his clothes! (via tawfiqmp)

Just one question. Amy, what the heck is that you are drinking? Some swirly, yellow-ish concoction that does any outfit Frazier or Sager would wear proud.

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