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New York Will Not Vote On Legalizing Mixed Martial Arts This Year

The fight to legalize mixed martial arts fighting in New York will continue, but don't expect a resolution -- or even a vote on the matter -- this year.

New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said that after determining where the issue currently stands at the Democratic Conference this week, lawmakers are not ready to put the issue to a vote and won't be this year.

The state senate voted 43-14 in April to approve legislation to legalize and regulate mixed martial arts, but New York remains -- along with Connecticut -- one of two states not to allow MMA fighting within its boundaries.

Marc Ratner, UFC vice president of regulatory affairs, was disappointed that the issue will not at least go to a vote.

"It's like being in a baseball game and not getting a chance to bat," he told "It's unfair. If the vote is taken and we lose, then we lose. But we should at least be given a chance."

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