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David Wright Trade: Rosenthal Says Mets Should Consider It

Trade David Wright? Ken Rosenthal of FOX sports made the argument this week that the New York Mets should consider doing exactly that with their star third baseman.

Here is part of Rosenthal's thought process:

Considering the large number of teams dealing with uncertainty at third base, the Mets should not automatically dismiss the idea of trading Wright.

A deal in July would appear unlikely; Wright, if moved, can void his $16 million option for 2013 and become a free agent at the end of the season. While his new club could sign him to an extension, perhaps even as a condition of the trade, the possibility that he only would be a two-month rental almost certainly would diminish his trade value.

The more realistic scenario, if the Mets do not extend Wright this summer, will be for the team to exercise his option, then negotiate with him or trade him this offseason.

Is Rosenthal on to something here? Or, is he on something to think that trading away the face of the franchise would be a good idea for the Mets, struggling to prove their credibility to a skeptical fan base?

Rosenthal acknowledges that the Mets may have no choice but to sign Wright to a rich long-term extension after watching Jose Reyes walk away via free agency.

Personally, I find it unlikely that the Mets would part ways with the 29-year-old Wright. His current .374 batting average is part of the reason. More to the point, though, every credible franchise needs a star player, a guy fans identify with. By letting Reyes walk without putting up a real fight, the Mets made it seem as though they were making Wright that guy.

If the organization was to trade Wright, or let him walk away via free agency, that would be an awful message to a fan base that needs reassurance, not another kick in the teeth.