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2012 Kentucky Derby, Long-Shot Trinniberg's Owner: 'They Are All Going To Be Surprised'

We're now just two days away from the running of the 2012 Kentucky Derby. One of the biggest longshots in the field, Trinniberg, is poised to surprise oddsmakers according to owner Shivananda Parbhoo (via Blood Horse).

Trinniberg is currently 50/1 for Saturday's race. Parbhoo understands this doubt of his sprinter and welcomes it.

"He'll probably be 40-1 or 50-1 and I hope he's 100-1," Parbhoo declared. "I'm not too sure what I'm going to do and how I'm going to do it, but it's going to be quite a few dollars. It costs too much to come here not to play him. It cost us a lot of money to get in the race (with a late Triple Crown nomination) and it cost us a lot for transportation, for the groom, and for everything else. It's not right if you don't bet your horse. I would love him to win and I think he is going to run a really big race. They are all going to be surprised."

Trinniberg has won three of seven career races (including two strong showings last year at New York tracks) but enters the Kentucky Derby having won back-to-back Grade III events (Swale and Bay Shore). Trinniberg will start out of the ninth gate on Saturday.

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