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MLB Power Rankings: Has Yankees No. 9, Mets No. 17

The New York Yankees (26-22, 2.5 games out of first place in the American League East), have moved into ninth place in this week’s MLB Power Rankings from The New York Mets (27-22) are 17th, up from 23rd a week ago.

Here is what SI wrote about the Yankees:

The cure for a struggling pitching staff? A weekend in Oakland. The Yankees surrendered just five runs in three games against the A’s, sweeping the series and pushing their winning streak to five. Their next three series come against the Angels, Tigers and Rays, so the competition is going to get a little tougher, but there’s no reason for panic in the Bronx. The Yankees may be in third place for the moment, but this team can really hit (116 wRC+, third best in baseball) and the pitching is good enough to get by.

Here is what SI wrote about the Mets:

Besides the Orioles, the Mets have been the other surprise contender this season, but unlike their counterparts in Baltimore, the hot start looks like it’s beginning to fizzle out. David Wright returned to human levels of performance, bringing the offense down with him, and there isn’t enough firepower elsewhere on the team to make up for his regression. The pitching was able to carry them to a 5-2 record against the Pirates and Padres, but their schedule over the next month is brutal, and the team will need to play much better in order to keep their heads above water against some very tough competition. The Mets next eight series are against the Phillies, Cardinals, Nationals, Yankees (twice), Rays, Reds and Orioles.

SI’s Top 5:

1. Texas Rangers
2. Washington Nationals
3. St. Louis Cardinals
4. Los Angeles Dodgers
5. San Francisco Giants