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Syracuse Basketball Offseason 2012: Jim Boeheim Earned 33-Percent Pay Raise In 2010, Still Bargain At $1.9 Million

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Syracuse basketball head coach Jim Boeheim maybe moving up the ladder when it comes to be among the greatest all-time college hoops coaches, but no one would know it by looking at his salary.

In a report release by the Syracuse Post Standard Sunday, Boehiem, who's an alumnus of the university and will be entering his 37 season as head coach, made approximately $1.9 million in 2010, which was a 33-percent raise from the previous season. That number, however, is low considering Boeheim's status among his colleagues, who make much more than he does.

According to the numbers, Boeheim, who this season surpassed legends Adolph Rupp and Dean Smith on the all-time, Division I wins list for fourth and third place, makes less money than 10-15 other head coaches that made the '10-11 NCAA Tournament.

The highest, according to these findings by USA Today in March of 2011, is Louisville Cardinals headman Rick Pitino who made about $9 million -- which includes a one-time bonus of $3.6 million. With his '10 salary, Boeheim would be ranked 11th among the USA Today list, which has been updated with '11-12 salaries.

It is not known what Boeheim made in '11-12, which could be considered his most tumultuous, yet, must impressive season ever. What is known from the report, is that Boeheim makes a $130,000 bonus for making the NCAA Tournament, $194,000 from a basketball camp he runs in the summer and that $1 million of his salary is paid by IMG, a sports business corporation that is mainly responsible for SU's broadcasting rights.

In the end, Boeheim is making some serious money, but when it comes down to it he's one heck of a bargain.

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