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Steve Weatherford Questions Mark Sanchez Growth As A Quarterback

New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford, formerly of the New York Jets, didn't dance around the question when he was asked about Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.



"I like Mark I think he’s a very talented quarterback but from my standpoint I haven’t seen a lot of maturation from the position,” Weatherford said on the Cover Two podcast Thursday. “When you’re a quarterback and you come in and you’re expected to be the face of the franchise and you’re expected to lead the team that’s a lot to take on as a rookie, but as the years go on I think you’re expected to mature skill wise and also mature as a leader and to be honest with you, as much as I like the guy I just haven’t seen that.”


Ouch! Of course, there is really no love lost between Weatherford and the Jets following Weatherford's unceremonious dumping by the Jets after he punted there for two seasons. Still, a little surprising that Weatherford would be so strong in his thoughts on Sanchez.