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New York Giants Super Bowl Rings: Brandon Jacobs, Mario Manningham Skip Ceremony

Brandon Jacobs and Mario Manningham, who left the New York Giants to join the San Francisco 49ers as free agents following the 2011-2012 season, passed on attending Wednesday’s Super Bowl ring ceremony at Tiffany’s in Manhattan.

Jacobs was a member of two Super Bowl-winning teams with the Giants, but was not always a happy camper. Contract issues and playing time complaints were common, and it might not be a surprise that he passed on the ring ceremony after the Giants seemingly did not fight very hard to keep him following the season.

“I think winning a championship is important, not many people have one and not many people have had a chance to play in a Super Bowl,” said Jacobs, who was represented at the ceremony by his wife, Kim. “I respect that, but right now, I’m working towards the same goal with a new team.”

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