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New York Giants Super Bowl Rings: Two? Giants Want More

The 2012 Super Bowl champion New York Giants received their Super Bowl rings Wednesday night during a ceremony at Tiffany's in Manhattan. That makes two titles for the Giants in the Tom Coughlin-Eli Manning era, and Giants players who have been their for both titles hope they aren't done yet.

"You get that first time and you're in awe, like, ‘Oh God, this might not ever happen again,'" defensive captain Justin Tuck said. "You win a second one and you're like, ‘Hey, maybe we can do something here.'
"Our thing now is we want to make it a dynasty."

Quarterback Eli Manning pointed out to reporters that no player in Giants history has captured three Super Bowl titles. "So we're setting the stakes high," Manning said.

The 2012 ring includes the Giants key phrases of 'Finish' and 'All In' inscribed on the inside.

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