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MLB All-Star Game 2013 Location: Mets To Host At Citi Field

Major League Baseball officially announced Wednesday that the 2013 MLB All-Star Game will be held at Citi Field.

Citi Field has never hosted the All-Star Game before, and the Mets have not hosted the game since 1964, Shea Stadium's inaugural season.

Commissioner Bud Selig was on hand with Mets owner Fred Wilpon and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to make the announcement at City Hall on Wednesday.

"The whole New York area, I think, will be very pleased," said Selig. "This is really a five-day celebration of our great sport."

Wilpon called it a "great event for New York" before quipping about his biggest regret in the process.

"If I knew how easy this was, I would have asked the mayor and commissioner if (they) could have arranged for us to have the World Series this year," he said. "But I don't think that would be possible."

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