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VIDEO: Eli Manning On When -- And When Not -- To Wear A Super Bowl Ring

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was a guest this morning on CNN's 'Starting Point.' With the Giants receiving their Super Bowl XLVI championship rings Wednesday night Manning said there are definite rules regarding when he will -- and won't -- wear the ring, his second.

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"I wear it on special occasions up to the start of the season and then put it away. New year, new season. Let's try to go get another one. I won't wear it on an every-day basis," Manning said. "If I'll see friends or my family and they haven't seen it, wear it and just kind of casually walk in and that's the first thing they see. They like to look at it. It's a big ring. It's almost hard to wear."

Manning also talked about pranks, his brother Peyton, the Jets quarterback situations with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, and his appearance as host of 'Saturday Night Live.' Video after the jump.