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VIDEO: Remix Of John Tortorella Press Conferences

Unintentionally, New York Rangers coach John Tortorella hosts what might be the most entertaining press conferences of any coach currently in professional sports. His one-word answers and biting, dismissive reactions to many of the questions he gets are becoming legendary.

The remix after the jump of Tortorella press conference answers is great entertainment -- even if that is exactly what Tortorella was trying NOT to provide. It is appropriately entitled 'Next Question.' I have to give 'Kudos' to The Big Lead for the original find.

"Next Question" feat John Tortorella by DJ Steve Porter (via sportsremixes)

Head over to The Big Lead for a bonus video of Tortorella chasting a reporter for forgetting to put his cell phone on vibrate during a press conference.

No offense to fans of the New Jersey Devils, whom Tortorella's Rangers are currently playing in the NHL Eastern Conference Finals, but Tortorella's pressers alone are enough to make you hope the Rangers reach the Stanley Cup Finals.