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Kenny Britt Injury Update: Britt Says He'll Return To Field In Three Months

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Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt told WGFX in Nashville he's "doing good" in his recovery from a torn ACL and MCL, but still has several months before he'll be able to return to the field.

"Oh man, it was a long process," he said of his rehab. "Some ups and downs in the road but I'm doing good right now. I'm out there running, mostly at full speed, cutting, running around. Knee's still swollen but that comes with territory. But we've got three months before I get on the field."

A former Rutgers Scarlet Knight, Britt admitted that the rehab has been frustrating, but has been making progress despite persistent swelling.

"I'm a wide receiver - we count on stopping and going and cutting and things like that. And actually the worst thing about everything was my first two weeks," he said. "The first two weeks, they wanted me to bend my knee past 115 degrees and it wasn't bending past 80. And that worried me. It was a tough progress. Now we're going downhill and I'm happy about that. ... But my knee swells up (from) time to time and that comes with the process. And hopefully I'll be back and ready to go."

Britt's NFL career has thus far been marred by some off-the-field issues. He told the Tennessean, however, that he believes those days are behind him.

"I'll be the first to admit I got caught in some difficult circumstances, and made some bad decisions in my past," Britt said. "But all that changed me as a person, and I learned from it and got stronger from it.

"I knew I had to change some things in my life. I think I've matured. I hope I have matured. But the smile is still there and it's not going away."