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Rutgers Football Uniforms For 2012 Unveiled

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights football team unveiled new uniforms for the 2012-13 season on Tuesday after more than a year of discussions with Nike jersey designers.

The new uniforms are designed to pay homage to the Scarlet Knights mascot and to build on the "Block R" logo that has become popular as the team continues to reach new levels of success. One of the more creative features is fabric made to look like battle scars to simulate a real knight's gear.

Picture after the jump.

"The new look for Rutgers Football is a clean, modern style that our student-athletes, recruits and fans will be very impressed with," Rutgers Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Tim Pernetti said in a press release. "Nike, along with our football staff did an amazing job of incorporating our history, mascot, and our most valuable asset, the Block R, while designing a uniform that will generate incredible excitement. This was a process that lasted over a year with tremendous input from both Kyle Flood and Greg Schiano."


(Image from Rutgers athletics web site)