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VIDEO: 2012 Masters, Keegan Bradley Almost Gets Hole In One On 12th Hole

Keegan Bradley had a bit of excitement on the 12th hole of the 2012 Masters on Friday. Bradley lined up his tee shot on the the Par 3, 145 yard hole with a pitching wedge and took a swing.

Watch as his shot goes past the hole and clips the edge of the cup on the rollback.

Bradley almost had a hole in one and he knew it judging by his reaction.

Bradley finished the front nine at 2-over-par which dropped him to 1-over-par for the tournament. An eagle on 12 would have helped him move up the leaderboard, possibly into the Top 25. Bradley ultimately got a birdie on the hole as he did during Thursday's round. The birdie on 12 was the fourth birdie of the day for Bradley. He finished his round on Thursday with four birdies.

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