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Poll: Nike 2012 NFL Jerseys -- Which Is Better, Giants Or Jets?

What do you think of the new Nike NFL uniforms, football fans? Not so bad, really, unless you happen to be a fan of the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks unis are the only ones that appear to have undergone a dramatic change.

Nike, of course, has taken over from Reebok as maker of official NFL apparel. These uniforms might be a little sleeker, made of different material and with some subtle differences -- particularly in the pants.

Personally, I am glad that the NFL did not allow Nike to make wholesale uniform changes. Maybe that will come down the road, but thankfully the NFL will not start showcase some of those unrecognizable crayon-like uniforms some college teams are sporting these days.

Anyway, vote in our poll and let us know whether you like the new Giants or Jets uniforms better. Or, maybe you just want to vote and tell us you wish things had not changed.

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