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Mohamed Sanu Victimized By NFL Draft Prank

Mohamed Sanu, the Rutgers University wide receiver who could be a second-round selection in the 2012 NFL Draft on Friday night, was reportedly the victim of a nasty prank during the first round on Thursday.

From Peter King of

The Rutgers wide receiver was on the edge of his seat late in the first round, with the Bengals on the clock at No. 27, when his phone rang. The voice on the other end of the phone identified himself as being from the Bengals, and said Cincinnati was about to pick him. Sanu and those in his draft party exploded in excitement, and agent Mike McCartney even tweeted that Sanu was a Bengal. Then Cincinnati pick[ed] Zeitler.

“This is a great kid, I guarantee you, and someone played a cruel joke on him,‘’ McCartney told me. "It is unreal that someone would do that, but it happened.’’

This is why big-time athletes are very cautious about who they give out contact information to. Let’s hope Sanu and his friends and family have reason to celebrate early this evening.