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NFL Draft 2012: Cleveland Browns Grab Brandon Weeden At No. 22

With the 22nd pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns have selected Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden. Cleveland's pick confirm the projections for Weeden, whom many scouts and evaluators saw as the No. 4 quarterback in this draft.

Weeden posted phenomenal numbers during Oklahoma State's Big 12 championship season in 2011, as well as in the season prior (9,260 yards, 75 touchdowns). In addition to his age -- Weeden will be a 28-year-old rookie after having spent five years in the minor leagues as a pitcher -- there are concern over Weeden's wear and tear. He had rotator cuff and tendonitis issues in the minors, but he was undeniably successful in the Cowboys' high-octane passing attack.

NFL Draft Tracker via Sports Illustrated

Impact on the Giants and Jets:

None, considering both are set at quarterback. The Jets have two, of course.