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2012 NFL Draft: Cleveland, Minnesota Swap Spots -- Report

Just about an hour until the 2012 NFL Draft officially begins. Apparently, though, the action is already starting.

What can this mean? Does Cleveland really want Matt Kalil? We know Minnesota won't want Alabama running back Trent Richardson, not when they already have Adrian Peterson.

Does it mean anything at all for the New York Jets, who are reportedly enamored with Richardson and have been rumored to have an eye on trading for the Alabama star?

According to Glazer, the Browns are aiming to take Richardson with the third pick. Which begs the question why give up three picks to take the player you would have taken at No. 4, anyway. Unless, of course, the Browns believed someone else was ready to jump ahead of them.

Either way, it looks like the Jets' dream of getting Richardson won't be a reality.